Benefits of using tax agent service:
Tax agent service is a new field in Vietnam. The tax agents are effective tool of the tax authorities in the tax administration. Tax agents shall have to declare and pay tax for the taxpayer. Tax agents are enterprise providing services of tax procedures, performing procedures of tax registration, tax returns, taxpayers, tax settlement, tax complaints, draft dossier of tax exemption, tax reduction or refund on behalf of taxpayers in accordance with the Law on tax administration and the signed service contract.
What are the advantages of the tax agent service: 
The using of tax agents will help businesses avoid worrying about procedures of declaration, payment and reimbursement in accordance with the law. These works will be carried out by tax agents. This has significant role for small and medium enterprises as well as large enterprises. Using tax agent service will help businesses feel secure to focus on doing business. The tax liability is the responsibility of the citizen and every business. For example, people having income from salary and wages are aware of their obligation to pay income tax. However, to properly and fully pay taxes, they must grasp the 50 forms of income tax. It is difficult for individual taxpayers, so using people's help is ordinary. Service tax agent will act as a link between the tax authorities and taxpayers. This is a model which benefits to both taxpayers and tax sector.
Tax agent service is a very new service in Vietnam that undeniably, many businesses will be unavoidable the cautious psychology to this service. However, it should be noted that tax agent service is the service having been thoroughly studied by authorized agencies since 2006 and in preparation for operation permission until now. This indicates the caution in managing this activitiy of the competent management. Service tax agent has been emergent in Vietnam recently, while this one has been very popular in the world for a long time. SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY which has been certified by General Department Tax, are firstly eligible for business tax return practice.
Tax agent service will be reliable service for taxpayers.
With the professional staffs, SONG LUAT are providing service of tax return for all organizations and individuals being in need.
Clients will not have to worry about the regular procedures of tax return or final tax settlement. Staffs of Song Luat will perform those tasks quickly, timely and legally.
Come to SONG LUAT, your burden will be shared into many parts.
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