In order to support small and medium enterprises to declare and pay taxes on time as prescribed by state agencies, avoid mistakes and delays affecting the business operations of the company, SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY., LTD provides services of monthly tax report, quarterly tax report, annual settlement and financial report for your company.
 1. Advise and perform service of original legal dossier
* Consult, draft original legal dossier, include:
- Decision of Director appointment
- Decision of Chief accountant appointment
- Declaration form of license tax- Register accounting form
- Registration of the wage scale and payroll
- Register depreciation of assets
* Being named chief accountant, book invoice printing and issue invoices
* Contact and explain records as requested by the tax authorities (Applies to 24 districts of HCMC)
2. Consult & implement service of monthly tax report
* Report input and output invoices, balance input and output invoices
* Prepare monthly tax report by software of business support having 2D barcode
* Print tax report
* Report statistical form in month to submit to Statistical Office of District (Apply to 24 districts of HCMC).  Guide Clients register enterprise’s digital signature.
* Monthly tax declaration, include:
- Value added tax
- Special consumption tax (if any)
- Natural resourse tax (if any)
- Regularly personal income tax 
* Dossier of tax declaration:
- Value-added tax: VAT declaration form 01 / VAT; A list of invoices of goods and services sold in the form of 01-1 / VAT; A list of invoices of goods and services purchased in the form of 01-2 / VAT; Written explanation of additional, adjusted declaration, (if any) under form 01-KHBS; Allocation table of VAT on purchased goods and services being deductible in the month (if any) in the form 01-4 / VAT; The list of the paid VAT of the turnover of construction business, installation, extra-provincial sales in the form of 01-5 / VAT.
- Special consumption tax: declaration of excise tax in the form of 01 / SCT; The list of invoices of goods and services sold subjected to special consumption tax in the form of 01-1 / SCT; Lists of excise tax being deductible (if any) in the form of 01-2 / SCT.
- Royalty: Royalty declaration according to form no. 01 / TAIN or form no. 02 / TAIN.
- The deadline for submitting tax declaration and paying tax: Not later than the 20th of the following month that we perform the declaration of last month.
* Quarterly tax declaration includes:
- Report on the using of invoices;
- Declare and pay the enterprise income tax quarterly;
- Declare regularly personal income tax.
3. Consult and implement service of tax settlement
* Balance sheet of account, the account balance
* Balance sheet of accounting. Business result of month / quarter / year
* Cash flow statement (direct - indirect)
* Prepare year-end financial report – finalize tax of business income
Incase the accounting period of first year or accounting period of last year is shorter than 90 days, it will be allowed to be added to the accounting period of the next year or to be added to the accounting period of the previous year for calculating into accounting period of a year. The accounting prious of the first year or the accounting period of the last year must be less than 15 months.



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