SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY is a professional consultant in the field of business establishment, merger, acquisition, corporate restructuring; Tax consulting, accounting service for businesses.
As stipulated in Decree No.51/2010/ND-CP and Circular No.153/2010/TT-BTC dated on September 28th, 2010 guiding Decree No.51/2010/ND-CP of receipts of goods selling or service providing. Businesses must proceed printing and using printed invoices as of January 2011. For some small businesses (less than 10 employees), are entitled to choose 2 methods: buying invoices or printing invoices till the end of 2011. until the beginning of 2012 all businesses are required to print and use its printing invoices.
In order to create favorable conditions and support maximum, as well as give clients the convenience in the operation proccess of the businesses. Currently, Song Luat have already concluded the strategic cooperation agreement with the printing companies (the company’s qualified to print invoices under the provisions of Ministry of Finance) to provide clients with service of printing invoices most quickly and economically.
To set invoices, clients only need to conclude a service contract with Song Luat, we will represent clients to conduct these procedures with printing company and Tax Department.

1. The process of the invoice printing:
- Clients order the printing of invoices with Song Luat.
- Song Luat conduct to conclude contract of the invoice printing with the printing company.
- Forward logo of invoice to clients and meet the direct officer of tax management for review the logo.
- Conclude the logo of the invoice form with clients (clients signing) and the printing company, order to print.
- Get the invoices after the printing is completed.
- Bring  invoice form attached with the announcement of releasing invoice (3 copies) to submit to Tax Department.
- After 2-3 days, have an appointment with officer of tax management for license of tax invoice.
2. The procedures and documents required for invoice printing:
- Clients make sure that the information of business ordering the printing of invoices is that do not have any tax queries (such as company headquarter has red book and belongs to the using right of the business, does not infringe on the field of taxation, tax code...)
- Clients bring business registration certificate (notarized copy), certificate of tax code (notarized copy), photocopy of ID card of business representative. To register, fill out the form "Quotation of printing invoices". To ensure information exactly and be tested.
- Clients carry out the contract with Song Luat and pay Song Luat service fee of printing invoices, and other fees (working with the tax authorities).


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