SONG LUAT CONSULTANT., LTD is a long time consultant company with professional experience in the following fields: Consulting the establishment of enterprise, consulting investment, consulting IP, consulting enterprise management, complete the incorporation procedures in order to maximize the strengths of the company with the motto: Put the interests of our Clients first.
In the context of economic globalization, Vietnam has joined many international organizations of economy. This creates many advantages as well as challenges in the process of business development of Vietnam traders. To start the process of performance effectively, traders should consider themselves their business model and scale accordingly. With the dedication and experience in the field of business consultancy, SONG LUAT will always accompany with your company during the operation.
1. Consulting the issues of Incorporation, Enterprise Establishment freely:
- Consulting Model and Organizational Structure of the Company;
- Consulting how to name the Company;
- Consulting Mode of operation and administration of the Company;
- Consulting Business line options;
- Consulting Rights and Obligations of members/shareholders;
- Consulting Rate and Method of capital contribution;
- Consulting other relevant contents.
2. Completing  the registration dossier of enterprise as bellow: 
- Establishment dossier of joint stock company;
- Establishment dossier of a limited liability company with one member;
- Establishment dossier of a limited liability company with two member;
- Establishment dossier of partnerships;
- Establishment dossier of private enterprises;
- Dossier of establishment and business registration of business households;
- Dossier of practicing certificates, legal capital, business conditions.
3. Representing to perform these procedures:
- Submit dossier of business registration and registrate tax code of enterprise;
- Monitor the handling process and announce the result of submitted dossier to Clients;
- Receive Certificate of business registration (including tax identification number) at the Department of Planning and Investment.
- Submit a dossier of seal engraving registration and contact for seal engraving of Enterprise.
- Receive Certificate of seal specimen registration and Company’s seal.
4. After-sales service for Clients:
After completing the enterprise establishment service, SONG LUAT is committing to support Clients with the following contents.
- Provide the forms, contracts, ....
- Provide internal company records.
- Free provision of legal documents regularly.
- Free Consultation during the operation of the Enterprise.
- 10% discount for the next service.
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