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Currently trading on the internet is growing very fast and becoming popular, businesses operating in this form on a lot. So poses problems for state management businesses buying and selling goods, providing services in the internet environment. Currently the government has issued regulations on licensing conditions, registration, operating conditions ... for businesses selling goods or providing services on the Internet (also known as floor registration services ecommerce transactions). But for now issue permits exchanges of e-commerce has faced obstacles, if businesses do not have much experience in this field. The best solution to this problem is to find a unit to a legal professional, which is usually law firms, law offices.

But Law is an expert in the field of license trading platform e-commerce, we received registration service provider exchanges e-commerce for businesses quickly and professionally.

So you better sign up exchanges of e-commerce, we would like to provide some information regarding the following:

Ecommerce sites, Exchange e-commerce is what?

Ecommerce Website shall be construed as electronic information is to serve the purpose of commercial activities and activities related to the field of trade.

Mercantile Exchange electronic commerce as e-commerce website through which individuals, merchants, organizations are not managing the website owner can proceed to exchange, purchase and sale of goods or provision services on it.

Any website requiring permission exchanges established e-commerce?

All e-commerce sites that the exchange process takes place, the sale of goods or provide services that are required to register on the established exchanges ecommerce

The order permits like?

Enterprise follow these steps:

1. Enterprises and organizations log on to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to register online registry records.

2. Within 3 days (working day) MOIT will inspect and approve documents online, then there will be specific to the applicant notice equivalent to the following cases:

+ A confirmation message is full records and valid.

+ Profile lacking and requirements are added.

+ Refusing to confirm the registration in case of individuals and organizations that do not meet the prescribed requirements.

3. Upon receipt of such notification, Section 2, traders, organizations must submit registration documents in hard copy to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

4. Upon receipt of the dossier by the paper, the Ministry of Industry and Trade as registration confirmation procedures.

Apply for a license where?

Dossier is submitted to the E-Commerce Department - under the Ministry of Industry and Trade

The way how to apply?

Must submit applications through 2 forms submitted online and sent by post.

Composition records include?

1. A dossier of application for registration must be pleased to provide the exchange service e-commerce in the form of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

2. Prepare a notarized copy of the following documents: decisions established (for agencies and organizations), for now, they must have a certificate of business registration or investment license.

3. The scheme provides electronic commerce services.

4. The Regulation on content to ensure compliance with regulations on operation and management of commercial exchanges Electronic Circular 46/2010 / TT-BCT, articles in Decree No. 57/2006 / ND-CP and Decree No. 72/2013 / ND-CP, and according to Circular No. 09/2008 / TT-BTC issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other relevant provisions of other laws.

5. The form of contract or agreement between the two sides. A party is an individual, agency or organization which provides services to exchanges of e-commerce, a party is an individual or organization involved in the sale of goods and services on commercial exchanges electronic.

Resolution period is how long records?

Minimum: step 1: 03 days, step 2: 05 days (in days worked)

Individuals have been registered Mercantile Exchange electronic trading?

Neck. Individuals, organizations and businesses if they meet the conditions provided for by law, it is licensed trading platform of e-commerce.

The outcome of the administrative procedure is what?

All website after successful registration will be the Ministry of Industry and Commerce registration logo on the home page and publish information about Exchange ecommerce electronic information site of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

The legal basis for the establishment of the text?

According to Circular 46/2010 / TT-BTC issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade December 31, 2010

According to Decree No. 57/2006 / ND-CP by the Government dated 09 September 06 2006

According to Decree No. 72/2013 / ND-CP of July 15, 2013 (replacing Decree 97/2008 / ND-CP of August 28, 2008)

According to Circular No. 09/2008 / TT-BTC issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on 21 May 07, 2008.


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