Published quality standards functional foods


The documents and information required for the registration published quality standards functional food products.

1. Certified copy of the certificate of business registration and product distribution company in Vietnam.

2. A copy of GMP certificate or letter of commitment CGMP compliance of the manufacturer (if available)

3. Power of attorney (Authorization Letter): The SX authorize importers conduct registration procedures of cosmetic products in Vietnam.

4. Additional labels products (Artwork)

Formula Products (Formulation): specify the% of fully enclosed components of equipment (element name under international nomenclature INCI)
Poll accreditation (host country).
Merchandise quality certification (the host country).
Certificate of qualified establishments food safety

Certificate of business registration must be functional food business.
The case of the following foods are allowed to publish in the same public statement:
1. The products are packed under a common name and is sold as a product,
2. Products with a similar formula but with different colors or smells.
3. The different products but are packaged together in the same packaging as a packaging unit.
4. Other forms will be Vietnam Drug Administration decision based on the decision of ASEAN Food committee.

Receives record number of published standards of quality cosmetics worth 03 years. Organizations and individuals to conduct announced at least 01 months prior to the receipt of dossiers published to expire and must pay a fee as prescribed.

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