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Alcohol is a special commodity. The production and sales of alcohol is only done when a license. Wines marketed buy mandatory labeling, clear quality standards ... This article is an introduction to conditional business licensed wine, imported wine ...

Production management principles & wine business

Wines of state commodity group business restriction.

Organizations and individuals producing and trading alcohol (wholesalers and retailers) must be licensed, unless otherwise produce wine on their own craft production limited water dung.Nha liquor for their own consumption.

Organizations and individuals producing and trading drugs besides alcohol implement the provisions of this Decree must comply with the other relevant provisions of the Health Ministry.


Conditions for licensing alcohol production
Want wine production, enterprises have been granted "liquor production license". Conditions to be considered for licensing alcohol production include:

Enterprises registered business of "wine production".
The wine production in line with the master plan on development of the beer - Alcohol - Beverage approved.
Yes machinery, equipment and technological processes of wine production standards ensure quality and food safety.
Ensure the conditions specified for safety, occupational health, prevention of fire and environmental protection.
Have ownership or lawful use liquor product brands in Vietnam.
Technicians have qualified, professional fit with the lines of wine production.
Participants direct production of alcohol to ensure good health and not suffering from infectious diseases.
MOIT specific guidance competence, order and procedures for licensing alcohol production.
Business is only right to production activities, trading from the date of issuance of the license.

Note: alcohol production license will be revoked in the following cases:

Enterprise self-suggestion or dissolved or bankrupted.
Enterprise revoked certificate of business registration;
Does not meet the conditions specified.
No deployment operation after 06 months from the date of issuance of production licenses without good reason are certified by competent authorities;
Wine quality standards

Wine is a product of goods required to publish quality standards.
The order and procedures for formulation, announced implementation of basic standards under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Encourage the adoption of national standards, international standards for wine.
Organizations and individuals representing wine production villages shall disclose basic standards for the quality of the wine villages.
The quality standards of export wine follow regulations of importing countries.

Alcohol standard announcement
Label alcohol products

• Is the wine only be consumed in Vietnam when labeled goods was registered.

• The wine consumption in Vietnam must implement labeling of goods in accordance with the law on food labeling.

• For the production of alcohol for export, according to the labeling requirements of the importing country.

Stamps alcohol produced domestically and imported liquor

• The wine imported for consumption in Vietnam must be stamped on the packaging imported under the provisions of the Finance Ministry.

• The Ministry of Finance shall provide for the printing and issuing of stamps and stamp management and use of imported alcohol products.

• Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to study the construction schedule stamps domestic producers submit to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision.

• The wine production for export, offers, exhibitions abroad perform stamping as prescribed by the importing country.

Responsible for providing information on alcohol products

Organizations and individuals producing and trading alcohol is responsible to provide information about their wine products at the request of the authorities, and on the mass media. Information on alcohol products must state the composition, content, harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in collaboration Ministry of Information and Communications shall specify the responsibility to provide information on the mass media for alcohol products.

The rights and obligations of wine production enterprises

Training employees on safety, explosion-proof, environmental protection, food safety according to regulations.
Strict compliance with the regulations on quality standards, food safety, the trademark.
Implementing the responsibility to provide information on alcohol products in accordance with the instructions of the competent state authority.
Organizing periodical health checks January 12 times for employees directly engaged in production of wine, ensuring that no infectious diseases.
Is organized distribution system in accordance with regulations without applying for business licenses wholesale and retail.

Producing liquors for business purposes

To encourage organizations and individuals producing handcrafted wines participating wine production villages if the village is located there.
Organizations and individuals producing liquors for business purposes must register business lines prescribed alcohol production on business registration.
Conditions for licensing alcohol production craft:

• Having business registration lines handcrafted wine production;

• Ensuring the conditions for environmental protection, quality standards, food safety, product goods label wine.

MOIT specific guidance competence, order and procedures, records granting and revoking licenses for manual liquor production.

Organizations and individuals that produce handcrafted wines have rights and obligations:

• To participate in the association of wine production villages if the village is located there;

• Must business registration as prescribed and recommended wine production licenses manually.

• Responsible for the implementation of regulations on environmental protection, on standards of quality, safety and hygiene of food, goods labels as prescribed alcohol products.

Production of liquor for their own consumption

Organizations and individuals producing liquors for own consumption purposes is not sold on the market.
Organizations and individuals that produce their own consumption of liquor for responsible implementation of regulations on environmental protection in wine production activities, quality standards, food safety products under their liquor production Recommended.


Conditions liquor trading licenses

Liquor business enterprises have been granted liquor trading licenses.

Conditions for granting business licenses or wholesale liquor wholesale agents include:

Traders are now established in accordance with law and business registration for liquor trading activities;
There is a fixed place of business, a clear address, ensure technical requirements, equipment prescribed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade;
There are stockpiles of goods, meet the requirements for preserving wine quality, environmental protection and the prevention of fire and explosion;
There is a distribution system.
Conditions permit retail business reseller or alcohol include:

Traders that have business registration for liquor trading activities;
Business establishments must meet the requirements of preserving the quality of the wine and the prevention of fire and explosion.
Traders are only entitled wine business since the date of issuance of the business license wholesale, wholesale dealer or retail business licenses, reseller alcohol.
Traders with wine production licenses is organized distribution network of its products produced without applying for business license to sell wholesale and retail liquor.

Rights and obligations of traders wine

Buy alcohol legally sourced.
Organizations circulation and consumption of alcohol on the market under licenses granted liquor trading.
Only wholesale wine trader for the wine business license.
Organization of retail stores for consumers. Not to sell alcohol to people under 18.
Must post a copy of a valid business license and liquor categories, prices of wines are available at all the places of business of the trader.
Executive mode invoices, bookkeeping and periodic reports the business situation for the State management agencies have granted liquor trading licenses to traders in accordance with the law.
Imported wine

Wine imports of finished products including bottled wine, boxes, barrels ... so consumed as juice and wine and auxiliary materials for the preparation of finished liquor products in Vietnam.

Wine imports have legal import documents in accordance with current regulations and import stamps issued by the Finance Ministry.

Wine imported goods must be labeled in accordance with the law.

Enterprises with wine production licenses or wholesale business license new wine direct import, import consignment of wine and must take responsibility for quality standards, food safety of the product.

For the first time alcohol products imported into Vietnam, before the import procedures, the importer must have certificates of satisfactory sample testing food safety state agencies authorization.

Traders importing alcohol in the form of juice, wine and water for mixing raw finished liquor is sold only to businesses with liquor production permits.
Alcohol may only be imported into Vietnam through an international border gate.

Rights and obligations of traders imported wine

Organization of the distribution network under their direct wine importers or traders sell wholesale business license, liquor wholesale agents.
General report on the import, distribution and consumption of alcohol under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

* The prohibited acts in the business of manufacturing & wine

Production, sales of alcohol without license.
Production, sale and consumption of alcohol products smuggled, fake wine, adulteration, label, style, quality is not guaranteed by the provisions of law.
Circulation and consumption of products not labeled packaging, not the product quality registration, import liquor stamps as prescribed by law.
Sales of alcohol are not the places or the contents of their business licenses granted liquor.
Forging, erase, repair, lease, lend, transfer, purchase production licenses, liquor business.
Sales ban alcohol at places of business in accordance with law.
Retail wine vending machine.
Selling alcohol to people under 18.
Advertising, promotional liquor in contravention of the law.
Sponsoring cultural activities, arts, sports, entertainment, activities and health care other social activities linked with advertising of alcohol products.
Using alcohol as prizes for competitions, except for a wine competition.
Organizations and individuals producing and trading wine not reported or reported incorrectly prescribed by state agencies authorized.

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