Legal counseling, marriage and family


Customers will be consulting SONG LUAT and answers to legal questions, advice on administrative procedures for marriage and family, and other related issues, as follows:
1. consulting lawyers about the legal provisions and procedures for marriage registration of marriage
+ Consulting laws on marriage conditions;
+ Consulting laws on marriage ban and canceled the marriage is unlawful;
+ Advice on registration of marriages between individuals nationality Vietnam between Vietnam and foreigners;
2. consultancy Lawyers legal provisions on property during marriage
+ Regulation on the common property of spouses;
+ Regulation on the division of common property during the marriage;
+ Provisions on inheritance rights between spouses;
+ Regulation on private property of spouses;
2. Lawyers divorce counseling and divorce procedures:
+ Consulting requested the court to settle the divorce, the conditions and grounds for divorce;
+ Consulting provisions on divorce;
+ Consulting provisions on divorce at the request of a party;
+ Advice and guidance procedures for divorce;
+ Advice on division of property upon divorce and property division principles upon divorce;
+ Consulting provisions on custody, care, education, parenting after divorce, child visitation rights after divorce, change of directly raising children after divorce.
3. Advise on marriage and family involving foreign elements
+ Advice on marriages involving foreign elements;
+ Consulting divorce law on foreign elements;
+ Consulting adoption legislation of foreign elements;
+ Consulting guardianship laws in marriage and family relations involving foreign elements;
4. Advice confirm legal relations, marriage and family:
+ Consulting regulations on relations between husbands and wives, parents and children, determined the father, mother, child, legal advice about custody ...
5. Consult regulations and procedures for adoption and
6. Consult legislation and handling violations, marriage and family law
7. Advice on other issues related to the field of marriage and family.


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