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Song Luat with the same qualifications specialist team supporting customers announced products will surely help customers announced cosmetics quickly and efficiently, we had longtime reputation Disclosure advisory field product circulation as announced cosmetics and food publication.

Announced cosmetic profile

1. For cosmetics imported from abroad into Vietnam:

 Certificate of business registration or investment license of the company stands out as announced distribution of cosmetics;
The formula of cosmetic ingredients;
Paper manufacturer's authorization for Vietnamese companies exclusive distribution rights cosmetics after being released for circulation
Respondent announced distribution of cosmetics (by company Song Luat Drafting and supply)
2. For cosmetic manufacturing or packaging in Vietnam:

The cosmetic formulations disclosed;
The quality standards of cosmetics and test methods;
Testing certificates;
Technical data or clinical data to prove special uses of the product (if any);
Production license of the factory.
Legal grounds

Circular No. 06/2011 / TT-BYT regulating the management of cosmetic products domestically produced, imported cosmetics to circulate within the territory of Vietnam, including cosmetic products announced ; product record information; requirements for product safety; labeling of cosmetics; cosmetic; Export and import of cosmetics; cosmetics sampling for quality control; test, inspection and handling of violations; responsibilities of organizations and individuals producing, trading and importing cosmetics and consumer rights.

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