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New regulations on badges truck and car surveillance camera

To monitor movement of the car journey, avoid the unfortunate circumstances occurred when traffic was as well to be able to control the freight business. As stipulated in Decree No. 86 of the government has asked the transport business, freight capacity from 3.5 - 10 tonnes or more must attach monitoring devices journey (black box), at the same time Department of transportation and transport are badges "Truck" since before the 01/01/2016.

Traffic accidents - making us feel so heartbreaking. One of the causes of traffic accidents which can not be serious not to mention it by truck. Therefore in order to minimize the accidents caused by trucks as well as facilitate the management of transport enterprises to monitor the speed and position of the vehicle status, further helping the Department of Transport Management effective point of businesses. Department of Transportation issued the request of freight photography business with such design load monitoring device attached to the journey and must have authorization badges "Truck" as defined in nghj No. 86.

1, the Regulation on badges trucks:
According to government regulations on business and business conditions in automobile transport. For freight business with the design load of 3.5 tonnes and above -10 expected to come to Transport for business license, certificate of business registration and badges and levels "Truck" to windshield mount before joining freight traffic as follows:
- For automotive freight business with the design load of 10 tons or more: Previous day 01.01.2016.
- For automotive freight business with the design load from 7-10 tons: prior to 01.07.2016.
- For automotive freight business with the design load of 3.5 - 7 tons: prior to 01.01.2017.
- For automotive freight business with the design load under 3.5 tonnes from: prior to 07.01.2018.
Especially after the date of 01.01.2016, the driver of trucks from 10 tons or more cargo if the vehicle is not fitted badges will be recorded in writing administrative sanctions from 3-5 million and stripped the right to use the driving license for 60 days.

2, Regulation attach monitoring equipment and its use.
Monitoring device (black box), also known as automobile navigation device is a modern building applications help enterprises operating in business sectors of transport and private car can closely monitor vehicle his driver and the driver as well as the features, usability of the product in detail and the most efficient.
- The required features include: + report information about the vehicle and driver (VIN, license plate, the Se - ri GSHT device and calibrate the nearest day).
+ Report an operating speed of the vehicle (the average operating speed of vehicles per minute corresponding to real time throughout the journey runs, instant speed every second car ...). Since then can notify the driver when the driver exceeds the speed limit.
+ Car ... cruise report.
- In addition, the device also has many other applications, such as management, monitoring, status, schedule vehicle, locate the vehicle, locate the vehicle at all operating locations ....
Can see this is an essential application and is required for each vehicle. So according to regulations and decrees required 86 attached devices on the vehicles for the period are as follows:
- Freight vehicles with the design load of 10 tonnes or more must attach the device before the date 01/01/2016.
- Freight vehicles with the design load is 3.5 tons or more must attach the device before the date 07/01/2016.
According to information from devices that monitor the journey of the vehicle used in the state management of transport operations and management activities of the business unit.
Thus can see that our country is determined to minimize the traffic safety issues by adopting modern technologies such as installing cameras to ticket vehicles violating traffic safety cold, installing fire fighting equipment ... And now now is the regulations on monitoring devices for trucks. All is to ensure road safety for everyone, hope that transport firms will strictly abide by regulations that the government has proposed.

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