SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY., LTD consults the provisions of the law on Corporate merger – acquisition:
Enterprise merger and acquisition (M & A) is an essential part of any healthy economy and is an effective tool for corporate restructuring. More importantly, it is a main way for the enterprise to restructure, expand and develop business operations, enhance it’s competitiveness and provide income for owner and investors. Principles of M & A is to create value for shareholders to be larger than total current value of the two enterprise as they exist separately.
1. Consultancy of business valuation.
- Gather information and evaluate suitable alternatives.
- Apply the methods of valuation of enterprise and offer prices.
2. Consultancy of developing an offer
- Check the legal status of the enterprise.
- Consult the necessary adjustments of legal procedures and the current state of the enterprise for conforming to the current regulations.
- Develop an offer (the disclosure) based on the collected documents & the provided ones.
3. Consultancy of merger and acquisition strategy.
- Select form (acquisition, merger).
- Search and select partners to implement the transaction.
- Advise on price and how to trade.
4. Consultancy of drafting, negotiating contract and monitoring the implementation of the contract.
- Advise on drafting and negotiating contract in accordance with the criteria of both parties.
- Monitor the performance of sales contract between the Clients and strategic investor.
- Advise on activities after M & A: organizing, restructuring, strategy of operation & business, ...)
5. Advising and drafting dossier of coporate merger and acquisition. Carrying out procedures of  merger and acquisition at the competent state agencies.
5.1. Consultancy of procedures of Corporate merger:
- Consulting procedure of conducting a meeting of General Meeting of shareholders /Board of members of each company to adopt the content of the corporate merger;
- Consulting Contract of merger and adopting contents of merger;
- Consulting procedures and conditions of the merger;
- Consulting plan of using employee;
- Consulting duration, procedures and conditions for transfering assets, shares of equity, shares and bonds of the merged companies into shares of equity, shares and bonds of the merging companies;
- Consulting duration of merger implementation;
- Consultancy of drafting Charter of merging Company;
5.2 Conducting procedures of corporate merger under authorized representative:
- Conducting to draft  and complete dossier of merger.
- Conducting the procedures of merger at the competent state agencies.
6. Commitment of SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY after corporate merger:
- Consultancy of drafting legal dossier for enterprise to match the content of merger.
- Providing Clients with legal documents relating to content of merger.
- Discount 10% of service fee next time.



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