In addition to consulting service of enterprise establishment, consulting service of enterprise dissolution of SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY., LTD has already got the trust of Clients. With a closely consultant process of dissolution, the coordination among the departments: consultancy of business law - consultancy of accountance, procedures of enterprise dissolution are conducted quickly with good quality and legality. Consultant process of dissolution of our company as follows:
1. Consulting the provisions of the law on the enterprise dissolution:
- Consulting the cases of enterprise dissolution;
- Advising how to conduct a meeting of the Board of Members / Shareholders' general meeting of the company on the enterprise dissolution;
- Advising how to make a decision on the dissolution;
- Consulting how to send the announcement of dissolution to the involved organizations and individuals: the creditors, People having relevant rights and obligations, employees.
- Advising on published procedure of dissolution;
- Consulting the performance methods of the liquidation of the enterprise’s assets;
- Consulting procedure of closing tax codes.
- Advising confirmation procedure of closing bank’s accounts (if having any accounts) or committing not to open any accounts;
- Consulting procedures of canceling seal and returning Certificate of seal specimen registration;
- Consulting procedure of returning Certificate of business registration.
2. Completing dossier of enterprise dissolution:
- Meeting minutes of the dissolution;
- The Decision on dissolution;
- The Announcement of dissolution;
- The written request for confirmation of tax debts in the Bureau of Customs;
- The written request for confirmation of closing bank’s accounts or committing not to open any accounts;
- The written of dissolution announcement for sending to tax department and written request of tax settlement;
- The other relevant documents;
3. The scope of the implementation:
- Advising and drafting dossier relating to the dissolution of the enterprise;
- On behalf of business to submit dossier at the Department of business registration;
- Co-ordinate with the enterprise to carry out the procedure of returning company’s seal;
- On behalf of business to receive the confirmation of the seal returning;
- On behalf of business to receive the response of dossier’s result;
- On behalf of business to receive the result of dissolution;
- Drafting relevant documents for business to conduct procedures of closing tax code at the Tax Department and closing the account at the Bank.



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