1. Consulting the provisions of the law on business division:
- Consulting meeting procedure of General Meeting of Shareholders / Board of members to adopt content of business division;
- Consulting principles and procedures of sharing assets of enterprise;
- Consulting plan of using employees;
- Consulting duration and procedures of transfering capital contribution, shares and bonds of the divided enterprise to the new enterprise;
- Consulting the principle of settling the obligations of the divided enterprise; implementation duration of enterprise division.
- Consulting Charter’s content of the newly established enterprise;
- Consulting survival termination of the divided enterprise;
2. Completing dossier of enterprise establishment:
- Meeting Minutes of the Board of Members / General Meeting of Shareholders on the enterprise division;
- The valid copy of certificate of business registration of the divided enterprise;
- Paper proposal of business registration;
- List of members / shareholders;
- Charter of enterprise;
- The other necessary documents;
3. Representing to perform these procedures:
- Submit dossier of changing business registration at the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Monitor the handling process and announce the result of submitted dossier to Clients;
- Receive Certificate of business registration at the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Submit a dossier of seal engraving registration and contact for seal engraving of Enterprise;
- Receive Certificate of seal specimen registration and company’s seal;
- Register Certificate of tax registration for enterprise;
4. Commitment to service after establishment:
- Consulting to draft legal dossier for enterprise being suitable to changed contents;
- Provide related legal documents for Clients’s requirement;
- Guide relevant procedures at headquarter of SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY., LTD;
- Discount 10% of service fee next time ....



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