Follow the provisions of the Enterprise Law:
- Branch is a dependent unit of the enterprise, responsible for implementing all or part of the business functions including the function of authorized representative.
- Business lines of the branch must be consistent with the Business lines of the enterprise.
- The enterprise may establish branches in their country and abroad.
- The enterprise can set up one branch or more at a local follow administrative boundaries.
Consultant service of branch establishment of SONG LUAT CONSULTANT., LTD:
Along with consultant service of enterprise establishment, consultant service of changing business registration, consultant service of enterprise dissolution ..... Service of branch establishment is specialized with the siencetific process of consultancy and implementation. For each consultant request, we will assign lawyers to directly give the Clients advice and implement procedures of branch establishment.
1. Consulting the provisions of the law on the branch of the enterprise:
- Consulting model, organizational structure and mode of operation and administration;
- Consulting Clients the relationship establishment between branch managers and affiliated parts;
- Consulting Clients the provisions of the law on the rights and obligations of branch managers;
- Consulting the other relevant contents.
2. Completing the dossier of branch establishment
- Meeting Minutes of the Council of members (for limited liability Company 2 or more members) of the Board (for JSC), the Owner or Board of members (for Co., ltd 1 member), a member of the Partnership (for a Partnership) for branch establishment;
- Decision on the establishment of a branch;
- Application for registration of a branch operation;
- Decision on the appointment of the branch manager;
- Authorization paper;
- Other related papers.
3. Representing to perform these procedures:
- Submit dossier of operation registration of branch;
- Monitor the handling process and announce the result of submitted dossier to Clients;
- Receive Certificate of operation registration of branch at the Department of Planning and Investment (head of branch goes with our staff to sign for receiving Certificate);
- Submit a dossier of seal engraving registration  and contact for seal engraving of branch;
- Receive Certificate of seal specimen registration and branch’s seal (branch manager goes with our staff to sign for receiving seal);
- Carry out the procedures of Tax Code registration for branch;
- Receive Certificate of tax registration for branch.



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