Certification procedures for food safety


Dossiers of application for certificates

An application for a license is eligible FSH (form);
Certified copy of business registration license; Written explanations of physical facilities;
Certified copy of GCN GMP, SSOP, HACCP (if any); FHS commitments for raw materials and food products due to base SX-KD;
GCN eligible health facility owners and people directly involved in the SX-KD;
GCN copies have been trained on food safety knowledge.

The appraisal process

City Health Department to receive dossiers and grant license for the facility is the central city and business registration license;
restaurants, canteens in size from 200 people to eat more;
the catering services from the industrial parks, supermarkets, markets, hospitals; tourist areas managed by the city, the one-star or higher hotel and in the secondary schools and above.
District People's Committees receive dossiers and grant license for the premises due to the district-level business registration license;
food stores, the canteen, restaurants, canteens, hotels are not eligible for grant GCN City;
Secondary school or less; tourist sites, markets and hospitals due to the district manager.
The facility is not subject to business registration as households and individuals producing food packaging simple, fresh business is not packaged; bars, food stalls to eat processed within a day and the markets, tourist sites managed by the commune; primary schools, kindergartens are not under the management of the upper level, there is a fixed business location under new regulations must also be eligible GCN FSH. This object by the PC wards and communes receiving dossiers, GCN level.

Households street traders are not subject to registration certificates food safety under this regulation.

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