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You need the restaurant business, the hotel, but had difficulty in the process of obtaining a business license, please contact us. Company Song Luat delighted to support all procedures of business licensing restaurants, prestigious hotels, fast and affordable.

I. Service business permit restaurants, hotels

- Drafting entire record

- Application for a certificate of business registration restaurant industry, hotel

- Cost and time we will quote after actual survey
II. Licensing conditions hotelier

1. On location

- To scale hotel 10 bedrooms or more must be built hospitals, schools, at least 100 meters based on the boundary between the two establishments

- The hotel is not located in or adjacent to the area of defense and security and the goals need to be protected in accordance with current regulations

2. On the basis of material, equipment

- Hotel facilities must have achieved a minimum standard 1 Star or More

- To meet the regulations on fire prevention and fighting
III. License application procedures hotelier
- Preparing application for certificate of business registration (paid DPI)

- Ask for a certificate of eligibility security and order
- Ask for a certificate of eligibility for fire prevention and fighting
- During the 2-month maximum operating business establishments must submit the registration dossier evaluation standard level 1-star hotels and above.

If you need to contact the service do not hesitate to contact for advice Song Luat direct completely free!


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