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To open a cafe wjfj as planned, you need to rely under Article 38.39 of the Decree No. 88/2006 / ND-CP on business registration regulations as follows:

Article 38: The order of business registration procedures for business households
1. Individuals or representatives of households sending Request for business registration and business households attached a copy of the identity card of the individual or household representative to the business registration agency level district where business location.
2. Content Request for business registration business households include:
a) business household name, place of business address;
b) Lines of business;
c) The number of venture capital;
d) Full name, number and date of issuance of identity cards, residence address and signature of the individual or household representatives.
3. Upon receipt of the dossier, the business registration office shall issue a receipt district and certificate of business registration for business households, within 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt if it satisfies the following conditions:
a) Lines of business not on the list of prohibited lines of business;
b) intends household business names registered in accordance the provisions of Article 42 of this Decree;
c) registration fee is fully paid business as prescribed.
If the dossier is invalid, within 5 (five) working days from the date of receiving the application, the business registration agency must notify the contents to be amended and supplemented in writing to the business household formation.
4. If, after 5 (five) working days from the date of filing of business registration without getting the certificate of business registration or do not receive a notice requiring modification, additional registration documents business registration, the business may lodge a complaint under the provisions of law on complaints and denunciations.
5. Periodically in the first week of every month, the business registration agency sent the list of the district-level business registration last month for business registration office in the provincial level, the same level tax authorities and specialized departments.

Article 39. The time for business
Business households have the right to conduct business activities after being granted business registration certificate, unless the business lines of business are conditional.
In the case of the coffee business, it relates to food safety, I should have qualified certified food safety by state agencies to be able to go to work.

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