The audits of financial statements independently enhances the reliability of the information that companies provide to investors, creditors and other relevant stakeholders as prescribed by law .
On the market, the financial statement audit will reliably reinforce the confidence of investors. Within the organization, the audits increase the understanding of the board and the board of directors about the business and the risks that the business faces.
SONG LUAT customer support like?
SONG LUAT provides independent auditing services and thereby strengthen the operational reliability of the financial statements of the client organization.
The skilled auditors and our experienced working with clients and stakeholders to understand the business environment is always changing.
Song Luat advocated resolving fundamental issues and to add value beyond the financial statements through the deep understanding of the business that we bring to each project audit.
Song Luat applies a methodology based audit methodology has been demonstrated and reinforced by KPMG's commitment to integrity, independence and professional ethics.
Song Luat equip audit team advanced technologies to create a workflow is designed and focused on all the risks.
Song Luat focuses on the risks of major business customers.
Song Luat support the audit process by the extensive experience in the application and interpretation of accounting standards.
Song Luat identify trends, industry issues and the deep understanding of the industry may affect the accuracy and completeness of the financial statements.
Song Luat has advanced professional competence, cultural practice customer-focus and access to a global network of auditors are appreciated. The content of our consultants are always clear, concise and consistent.


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