Service digital signature used in the electronic transaction in order to determine the identity of the signer and ensure the integrity and legal validity of electronic transactions. This application helps to perform transactions via the Internet easily, simply and economically.
Digital signature is the information accompanied to the data (word text, excel, pdf, pictures, videos ...) aiming at identifying the owner of the data. Digital signature is considered as a electronic seal of individuals, businesses, organizations.
Digital signature is not only used in the tax declaration but also used in all electronic transactions with all organizations and individuals to be signed up on email.
In addition, digital signature is used to sign for the confirmation of the information on the email. Using digital signature can save time and costs of document printing.
Help enterprises carry out e-commerce transactions, participate in online declaration system of the Goverment such as the customs, tax payment, ..
The signing of the electronic documents can be done everywhere, everytime.
The transfer of documents, signed documents to partners, clients, authorities .. is quick and convenient.
The recipient of electronic documents with digital signatures can believe it is true and the confirmed evidence in commercial disputes.
Security, high information security.
Clients wishing to purchase a digital signature, need to complete the following procedures:
Step 1:
Contact SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY to be provided with record and fill information follow the form. Record includes:
The request for provision of digital certificates of the Viettel-CA BKAV CKCA FPTA
Contract of using digital certificates service FPT, Viettel-CABKAV CKCA
Step 2
After fill out all the forms, Clients please to send back Song Luat and attach notarized copies of documents, including:
Tax registration certificate (if available)
Registration of tax code
Business license
ID card of the legal representative of Business
Step 3
Clients pay Song Luat for service fee follow the content of concluded contract. 
Step 4
Song Luat proceeds to complete the legal procedures and hands over to the clients the digital signature.
SONG LUAT is a sustainable development company and a supplier of software and professional accounting service based on frequently improving the quality of products and services in order to meet customer needs better and better.

Providing software products and accounting service for businesses in all sectors, with commitment of security - specializing - completion.
Currently, we have developed system of business management software, including modules of accounting, production, sales, inventory management, ... that can be used from corporations and businesses to the chain of stores, bars, coffees, supermarkets, ... Especially, the software can run on smartphones and use as disconnected internet.


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